We are passionate about bringing Nordic Quality Care to China and establish
long-term innovation programs by combining business and political collaboration.

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By being part of Nordic China Healthcare Solutions you will have more qualified contacts, more customer information and you gain access to more in-depth know-how.

Easy access to Nordic quality care

The Nordic countries have internationally a documented strong position regarding efficiency and quality of care within primary care, and within health care in general. Our eco-system is well developed; processes are patient centric and we have a long tradition of collecting data to support evidence based care.

Integrated solutions

Working in partnership makes it possible to offer integrated solutions, joint innovation and facilitate delivery. Collaboration is the road to success to truly offer customer solutions which may not be possible as a single company.

One point of contact for “solving the problem”

Nordic China Healthcare Solutions offers support in translating different needs into solutions. Through one contact many companies and organizations can be reached. This facilitates communication and efficiency.

Trust and relationship are key

Nordic China Healthcare Solutions offers a business and political platform as part of a strong Nordic-Chinese eco-system which build trust, strong relationships, risk mitigation and efficiency.

Endorsed by authorities and government

Through a tight collaboration with Swecare, Nordic China Healthcare Solutions is endorsed by governments and authorities in Nordic countries and can support cooperation programs with top-level medical universities and innovation collaboration programs.